In order to maintain a quality shopping experience for our customers and provide a reliable source for collectors clothing items, every product that gets uploaded will be reviewed before posting to the store front. Things we consider when selecting items for the shop: condition, trend relevance, designer, seasonal relevance and market value. Click the button above to upload a product and start selling. Our webstore supports mobile uploading, as well. For best results use Safari.



Shipping the Item


*All items must be shipped via a trackable delivery service (USPS Priority, UPS, FedEx...)*


When your item sells, you will receive an email with shipping instructions and you will not receive your funds until you have updated the “Post Tracking Page” with a valid tracking number. We encourage no more than 2-3 business days to ship your item(s) from the date of sale. All internationally shipped items will be credited with an additional amount paid by your buyer.



Getting Paid


Once you have shipped your listed item and a valid tracking number has been updated on the "Post Tracking" page then will your payment be sent to you via PayPal.  The faster you ship your item, the sooner you receive your funds.  This method encourages a quick and responsive community!



Seller Rates


After you have become a Que Pasa Shop Vendor, rates will be applied to your sold items.  We deduct 15% from the sale of your item (Paypal transaction fee's not included).  You may price your items accordingly, but keep in mind once your items are listed they will be routinely merchandised, organized, and always kept viewable to shoppers.  No more bumping threads, no more price drops.