Breeze Burner Set


The Breeze Burner set pairs our made in Japan Joss Sticks and a hand poured cinder breeze block serving as the incense vessel. Blocks are based on traditional masonry and symbolize a reconstruction of the physiological urban dwelling experience. With a 20 minute burn time, these daily burners give way to higher frequency sensory modification. Choose your experience based on your day to day needs whether it be a mental haze, central nervous stimulant or medicinal euphoria. Set includes 50 Joss Sticks.

Scent Profile:
Delicate Earth
Pine Needles
Mellow Resin
Mental Haze

Scent Profile:
Sweet Fruit
Tropical Rarity
Citrus Digestive

Scent Profile:
Rich Earth
Steeped Leaves
Aged Sativa