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Coffee Meditations –– 03.05.17

We've been on a continuous Tulip House coffee subscription for over a few years now. The packaging and label designs have changed over that time but we've been archiving the most recent iteration. Kraft resealable bags paired with an offset white label disclosing the dubbed varietal name and origin country with roast date on the backside make for a simple yet personable bag of beans.

Subscriptions are currently available by referral only. Hit us up! 

Haricha, Ethiopia, 2/26/2017

Hambela, Ethiopia, 2/12/2017

BB Chelelektu, Ethiopia, 1/29/2017

Janbar (Admiral), Ethiopia, 1/1/2017

Duromina, Ethiopia, 12/18/2016

Fara Sala, Ethiopia, 12/4/2016

Janbar, Ethiopia, 11/21/2016

Shakiso MT, Ethiopia, 11/7/2016

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