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Product –– 11.26.16

Amardeep Singh was a mere internet friend at first but after finally meeting in person in an alley-way barbecue in Portland to a last minute rendezvous in Seattle at a divey sandwich shop a few years later, our paths have continued to cross. Earlier this month Amardeep launched his latest project titled Post Post Works which is split into two tiers: publishing and product.

Under the PPW umbrella, Post Post Publishing is identified as an independent small run zine publisher based in NYC. The first release under the publishing tier includes a collaborative zine by Sophia Callahan and Amardeep himself titled Screenthoughts, Volume 1, which documents web experiences through screenshots captured and saved for future analysis.

In addition to publishing, the first series of products include the Encouragement Committee Members tee (PPW-1) and an unstructured Bada Bing! Cap in a black brushed cotton.

Keep your eyes on Post Post Works for new monthly releases.

View more of Amardeep Singh's work here.

Listen to Amardeep Singh on millennial life via Public Announcement.

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