Candid Emails - Kisshomaru Shimamura

Interview –– 07.12.17

Interview: Jack Mahaley
Photography: Kisshomaru Shimamura


 Kisshomaru Photography

Kisshomaru Shimamura is a Tokyo based photographer specializing in fashion and advertising. After keeping up with his work for some time, I was hooked and discovered additional commercial work for brands and publications like I-D Japan, BEAMS and The North Face. Over the last few weeks, we were finally able to connect via email to exchange kind words and work in a brief yet candid interview.

When did you begin shooting photographs and what was your first camera?

The end of teenager, it was a Nikon

How often do you take photographs? Are you an avid street snapper or more focused on commercial work?

Almost everyday. I do both.

 Kisshomaru Photography

Kisshomaru Photography

Kisshomaru Photography

Kisshomaru Photography

Kisshomaru Photography

Do you drink coffee? How do you take it?

Yes. Mostly I do when I wanna relax.

What is your favorite project you have worked on to date?

"The Home", the project we gave instant cameras to homeless people, and they photographed street candid around Tokyo.

Kisshomaru Photography The Home

Kisshomaru Photography

You've shot for many magazines and brands including BEAMS, The North Face and Noma Textile Design. How have you been able to connect with such reputable brands/companies?

Drinking coffee with those people.

Do you enjoy working in a commercial setting, or do you find solace through independent projects?

I find the joy, originality, solace, meanings, concepts on each works or projects irrespective of commercials or independents.

What is your favorite cafe in Portland and in Tokyo?

Courier Coffee (Portland), Coava Coffee (Portland), Let It Be Coffee (Tokyo), Mojo Coffee (Tokyo).

If you had to choose-- do you prefer film or digital?


When do you plan on returning to Portland?

Hopefully soon.

Kisshomaru Photography

Kisshomaru Photography



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