Coffee Table Collection: William Eggleston - 2¼ and For Now

Art Street Photo –– 12.30.16

Color Photographs
45 Plates
12" X 12"
5th Edition (limited to 3000 copies)

For Now
Color Photographs
88 Plates
12.5" X 14"
3rd Edition (limited to 3000 copies)

William Eggleston is a prominent street photographer who has been capturing moments in America for almost 60 years.  During the times of B&W “art” photography, Eggleston chose to use color transparency film and in doing so, separated himself from the old masters.  Using this medium, he documents vibrant scenes of everyday America, as well as other countries later on in his career and has inspired many other photographers along the way.  These two books are just a small selection of Eggleston’s wide ranging work. 

At the age of 77, he is actively working/shooting/traveling and resides in his hometown of Memphis, TN.

Find more info on Eggleston here.

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